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Treatment baldness 

Hair Loss - a disease that is accompanied by hair loss on the head or other hairy parts of the body. The causes of baldness can be both external and internal factors. alopecia treatment depends on the type of alopecia. Do not think that if you started the process of hair loss can not be stopped. The main time to find baldness symptoms and start treatment. There are such kinds of baldness, where hair loss stop is not possible, but if the time to begin treatment it can be slow. baldness treatment is the use of vitamins and multivitamins, as well as drugs that stimulate hair growth, for example, phytin, biotin, and others. The treatment of alopecia baldness type also typically complementary drug stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp. In severe disease cure baldness involves taking hormones korkosteroidov.


Treatment of seborrheic alopecia or premature type usually consists of the use of drugs on the basis of male steroid hormones. Some types of baldness trichologists also recommend the use of physiotherapy, for example, the use of ultraviolet light, cryo massage Dartsonvalya currents. Treatment of alopecia can also be performed using traditional methods, which in this disease are also effective, especially herbal tinctures. Also, if you need to correct baldness hygiene of scalp and hair, while alopecia seborrheic type of shampoo should occur no more than once a week, and in some types of balding head should be washed with boiled water and rinse with herbal decoction. baldness treatment will be successful if you follow the rules recommended by the physician supply and observe the prevention of baldness.

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