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Alopecia - baldness disease

Hair loss in some places or completely - is alopecia. Alopecia areata and - this is the same disease, only the term alopecia little-known and is popularly called simply - baldness. Alopecia - a disease which is a progressive hair loss and lead to hair loss on the head or other hairy integument of the human body. Depending on the degree of alopecia areata is divided into several types - diffuse, alopecia, androgenic, total. Alopecia or hair loss disease that can hurt both men and women and children. Why is that the people are of the opinion that it is only man's disease, which occurs in men after 40 years, but it is not so. The causes of alopecia may be another kind of illness, and stress, and other irregularities in the organs and systems of the human body.

Alopecia - baldness disease that can develop as color and other hairy areas of the body. Alopecia can occur hotbed of large or numerous small plots. Alopecia affects most often after the age of 50, and about half of the male population and a third of women. The most common alopecia, ie baldness on the head - it is very concerned about the sick person as unaesthetic appearance causes a huge amount of complexes and brings discomfort. Baldness frequently occurs against a background of hormonal changes in the body, especially in such a sex steroid hormones. But very often the cause of alopecia and can not be established.

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