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What is baldness?

Baldness - a problem that concerns not only men, but women as well. Most often hair loss experienced by people after 40 years. Every day, each person loses hairs. Hair loss in normal females considered hundred hairs, all of which are updated, and the new hair grows in their place. If daily hair loss exceeds the norm - it is baldness. Of course, no one counts how many hairs a day he falls, and this is not real, so the first stage of baldness few people notice the development of such a process. Alopecia - a disease that causes loss of body hair or head cover, totally or partially. Baldness can occur in any person, without exception, it's a man, woman or child.

Hair loss may occur in humans for various reasons. Sometimes alopecia occurs as a consequence of other diseases of the organs and systems of human body, for example, after the complex viral diseases, surgery, injury. Alopecia can occur even against a strong emotional shock or stress. Probably everyone knows that when a child or adult is experiencing a strong fright - it can cause hair loss scrap. Alopecia can occur within a few months after an illness or stress, and duration of hair loss can last from several weeks to several months. Sometimes lost hair renewed completely, sometimes partially, but it happens sometimes that baldness is a lifetime.

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