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Symptoms of alopecia

Hair loss, or alopecia - a disease which is accompanied by hair loss. That is, it is hair loss and baldness is a major symptom. Symptoms of alopecia can occur in different ways, from small patches of alopecia to the loss of hair at the same time. Depending on the types of baldness symptoms varied.

So in focal alopecia hair starts to fall in some places, these foci of the disease have a circular shape, there may be one or several. For this type of alopecia is characterized, that as the disease foci hair loss and increase in size they become larger in quantity. The coat, which is located near the centers of rare ceases, and the hairs themselves thin. Sometimes in areas of baldness, new hair, but after a time they begin to fall. Symptoms of alopecia in this case take the pathological development and hair starts to fall not only on the head and eyebrows and eyelashes.


If baldness causes are traumatic in nature, that are similar to the symptoms of alopecia areata. If baldness starts due to hereditary factors of the disease, the symptoms of alopecia accompanied by atrophy of the follicles of the scalp over the entire area of ​​the skin.

Stages of alopecia characteristic of androgenetic alopecia and this kind of disease is gradually showing signs of baldness. For example, in men the symptoms begin to appear with the formation of bald patches, further thinning of hair on the crown of the head, and after forming a complete baldness all crown hairy head cover.

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