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Stages of alopecia

Hair loss, or alopecia - a disease that is characterized by loss of hair on the hairy areas of the body. Causes of baldness is not always possible to find out, but if the time to identify the symptoms of baldness and start treatment, it is possible to restore hair growth.

There are three stages of baldness or hair loss on the head of men and women and classified them into seven periods, each of which is characterized by signs of baldness.

Stages of alopecia in men and women have differences with each other on the basis of hair loss. Baldness in men in the first stage is characterized by the appearance of bald patches on the head. The second stage begins with balding men hair loss on the crown of the head cover fibrous. The third stage of baldness is characterized by the formation of the crown on the head, there is loss of hair at the crown.

Stages of alopecia in women differ in that the hair loss process begins with their parting. In the first stage of baldness in women occurs parting thinning, the second - and thinning hair on the crown of the head, and in the third stage of baldness in women Hair thinning area on the crown and in the area of ​​the parting increases.

Some types of alopecia are not observed a clear division at the stage of alopecia and develop suddenly and rapidly, that is, the hair falls out in one place and in this process of hair loss stops. If the time to identify the symptoms of alopecia areata and begin treatment to restore hair growth possible, but unfortunately this is not the case in this type of baldness, a scar or total alopecia.

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