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Prevention baldness 

Hair Loss - a disease faced by both men and women, especially after years. The most common hereditary baldness, but avoid it completely hardly possible, and observe if prevention of baldness, it can slow down over time. The cause of alopecia are often stress, alcohol, smoking, weak immune system, hormonal disorders and viral infections. And in the primary prevention of baldness is to avoid such a life style that harms not only the growth of hair, but also to all organs and systems of the human body. For the prevention of baldness is also important is the correct technique of hair washing is recommended to wash your hair as pollution as a dirty scalp closes the access of oxygen to the hair follicle and growth slows.


Preventing balding is wearing proper headgear that will let breathe the scalp. Do not wear a hat in cold weather also can not, because the hair hypothermia leads to a decrease in the intensity of their growth.

If the human race is observed early baldness, and the risk of developing this disease has a very great, and to comply with the prevention of baldness he needs from his youth, as hair growth may stop. Every day, each person loses about 100 hairs, and if the body is healthy and there are hormonal disorders, endocrine or infectious nature, it grows 100 new hairs and baldness is not yet come. For the prevention of baldness is necessary to conduct a correct lifestyle, exercise and maintain the strength of immunity.

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