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How to restore hair growth

Baldness - a problem for many people, men and women, especially after 40-50 years. At this age, your hair will melt thinner and thinning, and so want to have the thickness and length of hair as a young man. In order to avoid baldness necessary cares for hair for life and the prevention of hair loss, especially a female, who love doing perms and hair coloring. How to restore hair growth? In order to do this, it is necessary to establish the cause of baldness. If there is a genetic predisposition to hair loss, the answer to this question you need to know in advance. If the cause of baldness is hormonal in nature, in order to restore hair growth, you need to take hormonal drugs, observe the rules of supply and attend physiotherapy. To restore hair growth in the early stages of baldness, sometimes it is enough to perform scalp massage to improve blood circulation in it, correct and balanced diet and consume vitamin complexes that stimulate hair growth. 


Hair Loss - a disease caused by set and can not be, and it is impossible to heal and to avoid it is necessary to treat hair throughout life. Especially cherished their hair are a female, dense and lush hair, their pride, but sometimes it becomes a dream and a woman looking for a way to restore hair growth. This can help traditional medicine, medicinal herbs, essential oils and certain medicines that stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and hair growth, respectively, for example, finasteroidy - hormones.

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