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Hereditary baldness

Hereditary baldness - is a type of alopecia that in medicine is referred to as androgenetic alopecia. Hair loss due to age, if this has a genetic predisposition - it is hereditary baldness. Most androgenic alopecia in men. Symptoms begin to appear with balding hair loss above the forehead, and there is the formation of bald patches, then the hair falls out in the crown of the head, after the manner of a bald head. Causes of hereditary male pattern baldness can be of such a nature as biological features of the scalp, hormonal reasons, have a genetic factor. The treatment of hereditary hair loss and possibly prolongs the hair growth is usually used for this purpose finasteroid.


Hereditary hair loss in women begins to appear after the age of 30. This problem is quite common and occurs in about 12% of women. In androgenic alopecia in women who have a genetic predisposition to the disease, to 50 years in the amount of hair is reduced by 25%. Causes of hereditary baldness in women are associated with endocrine nature of diseases, anemia and the development of other types of baldness. Hair loss in women occur symptoms such as failure of menses, infertility, skin pimples may occur polycystic ovary syndrome, body hair growth is enhanced, and there are unwanted hair on the face. If any of these symptoms are absent, the hereditary hair loss in this case, the diagnosis is not correct, and the hair falls out at the woman for entirely different reasons.

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