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Hair loss in women

Nice and thick hair - the dream of every woman. But there are cases when women are faced with a problem of baldness. This is especially true after 50 years of age and there is hair loss in women. Causes of baldness can accumulate over a lifetime and emerge at some point. Exposed to the risk of balding women who take birth control pills, during pregnancy and after childbirth, nervous disorders and frequent stress. Every day, the woman showed signs of hair loss. Norma is considered the day when a person loses up to one hundred hairs, this is normal. Symptoms of alopecia in women begin to appear with hair loss in the area of ​​the parting, then drop the hair on the crown and baldness progresses.


Hair loss in women is quite common disease and statistics say that with varying degrees and types of baldness occurs during the life of every three women. human hair is a kind of indicator for the development of health problems and respond to the development of a disease, especially hormonal changes, endocrine, and infectious diseases. If a woman observes excessive hair loss - this is the first signal of alopecia and baldness need to be diagnosed. Causes of baldness in women is not always possible to establish precisely the most common - a lack of iron and zinc in the body, fungal infections, thyroid disease, chronic infectious diseases (syphilis, tuberculosis, and others.) Injuries. The hair may also fall out of the constant head hypothermia, as women pursue beauty and go bareheaded in the cold season.

If a woman wants to have a thick and healthy hair - baldness prevention should be observed daily.

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