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Folk remedies for baldness

Alopecia - is a disease that in medicine is called alopecia, and is accompanied by hair loss on the head or other hairy integument of the body skin. This disease is not just accompanied by hair loss, and suggests the presence of pathological processes in the body and low immunity. Funds from baldness usually in their composition containing extracts of medicinal herbs and other substances that stimulate the growth of hair. Folk remedies for baldness and effective in preventing baldness and treatment of this disease, the main ones are the juice of onion, red pepper, cumin, etc.


Folk remedy for baldness, such as onion juice, is very popular and its use is recommended even trichologists. But, onion juice, has a sharp and not very pleasant smell that remains after application on the hair, although it is very effective and restores hair growth and nourishes hair follicles. For the treatment of baldness onion juice prepared masks based on it and to avoid its smell in them add aromatic oils of lavender or citrus. In order to prepare a mask for hair regrowth with onion juice is necessary to squeeze the juice from the onions, add the aromomasla and apply on the scalp massage movements and keep minutes. Pre scalp must be heated with warm wet towel.

Folk remedies for baldness are hair growth sometimes less effective than lotions and shampoos bought from a pharmacy. In the treatment of baldness in the home is also possible to perform massage of the scalp, it stimulates the blood circulation in the skin and helps renew hair growth. It is also necessary to comply with the prevention of baldness in the family who have alopecia.

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