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Causes of baldness

Baldness or alopecia - a disease in which the hair loss manifests itself in the hairy areas of the body. Causes of baldness can be diverse in nature and, unfortunately, often not possible to determine why there is baldness. Depending on the cause of the disease distinguish these types of alopecia: androgenic alopecia, symptomatic, seborrheic, and premature alopecia.

Reasons for afforestation can be varied, from a genetic predisposition and hormonal failure in the body to toxic burns. Hair loss in women can be observed even during pregnancy or after birth will manifest the light. The reasons for such hair loss can be a serious psychological stress or acute disease borne viral trends.

Sometimes the causes of baldness are as committed to taking certain medications, for example, it is often observed while taking vitamins A, birth control pills or delay blood clotting. The risk of baldness increases if people are often experiencing stressful situations and has a metabolic or endocrine nature of the disease. Causes of baldness can also be associated with an image of a person's life - poor diet, smoking, alcohol. In people suffering from hair loss, as can be observed in the body lack of iron or zinc, which is considered the cause of hair loss.

Such causes of baldness as receiving chemotherapy for cancer, or radiation therapy are found in all people who suffer from cancer.

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